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Gladstein & Messinger In The News

Temporary Parole provides only temporary relief for fleeing Afghans in the United States by Haley Larkin | Oct 22, 2021
In a recent article discussing a government program allowing Afghan nationals into the U.S. as humanitarian aid parolees, attorney Scott Messinger was asked to comment on similar parole programs and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Mr. Messinger also described how a parolee could file for political asylum after being granted parole.

SCOTUS Reinstates Remain in Mexico: What This Means for Migrants by Nadia El-Yaouti | Aug 31, 2021
A recent article in the news discussed a Supreme Court ruling requiring the Biden administration to reinstate a Trump-era policy that requires asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while their applications are being processed in the United States. Attorney Scott Messinger was interviewed in the article to help explain what this decision means for migrants and comment on the likelihood the program might still be ended by President Biden or successfully challenged in court.

Texas Set to Arrest Migrants Who Cross the Border Illegally by Nadia El-Yaouti | July 30, 2021
Attorney Scott Messinger was interviewed in a recent article for his take on a situation in Texas, where the Governor there has instituted a program of arresting illegal immigrants as they cross the border and charging them with crimes such as trespassing or criminal mischief. Mr. Messinger explained the due process rights afforded to illegal immigrants in state court as well as the effect of a state-level arrest on removal/deportation and future attempts to enter the U.S.

Ninth Circuit Rules Mother and Child’s Deportation Order “Unconscionable” by Maureen Rubin, J.D. | May 24, 2021
Scott Messinger was recently featured in an article discussing a federal court’s ruling that a deportation order issued for a mother and her young child was “unconscionable.” The mother had missed an asylum petition court appearance due to an innocent mistake regarding the date, but the immigration courts were unsympathetic to her plight and ordered her removed. Mr. Messinger was asked to explain aspects of the asylum petition process and offer solutions regarding the long wait times for asylum cases in the U.S. Mr. Messinger also expressed hopefulness that petitioners will be treated with more humanity and common sense under the new administration, as opposed to how cases like the one discussed in the article were handled in the previous four years.

Biden Announces Raising Immigration Cap by Catherine Kimble | May 10, 2021
Scott Messinger was recently featured in an article discussing President Biden’s move to raise the annual limit on refuges from 15,000 under President Trump to 62,500 for the remainder of this year and 125,000 next year. Mr. Messinger was interviewed regarding the criteria for refugee status or political asylum and also helped to explain why the Biden administration does not expect to meet these higher limits with incoming refugees.

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