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Higher Education is the key

New York Passes Dream Act, Providing Higher Education for Undocumented Immigrants

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

New York’s state legislature recently passed a law which would provide state-funded educational benefits for undocumented children.  The “José Peralta New York State DREAM Act” (Dream Act) flies directly in the face of the hardline federal immigration policies implemented under the Trump administration, many of which we have previously discussed.  New York’s new law… Read More »

Immigrant juvenile behind fence

Special Immigrant Juvenile Program Changes in Trump Administration

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

A Trump administration policy quietly implemented by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is currently under fire for going beyond federal law.  The policy, which was not established through the appropriate procedure, is denying lawful residence status to immigrant youths who fled their home countries to escape abusive environments.  Several lawsuits have recently been filed… Read More »

Visa application for potential immigration

Supreme Court Agency Deference Case May Affect Immigration & H1-B Visas

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

A case now before the Supreme Court could change how U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handles H-1B visas and other immigration issues.  The case concerns how much deference agency officials are granted to interpret both statutes and regulations, which could have a significant effect on how USCIS officials treat rules and regulations under… Read More »

A flag and US citizenship sign

Trump Fights Birthright Citizenship while Supreme Court Refuses to Stop Trial Against Citizenship Question on US Census

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

Shortly before the 2018 midterm elections and in an apparent effort to stir up his base, President Trump declared that he can unilaterally end birthright citizenship as established by the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court recently declined an invitation by the government to end a case filed by… Read More »

Us flag with immigration sign

New Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh Takes Hard Line In Questioning At First Immigration Oral Argument

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s second nominee to the Supreme Court, was appointed to the Court after an embittered and controversial confirmation battle.  Whatever the truth behind the misconduct allegations, his conservative leanings have always been clear to both supporters and opponents of his nomination.  His views on executive power and immigration were readily apparent… Read More »

a hand that reads immigration

Trump Administration to Reconsider Asylum for Separated Immigrant Families

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

The Trump Administration is working to settle a series of lawsuits attacking the legality of its “zero-tolerance” immigration policies.  As part of the settlement effort, the administration has agreed to review the asylum applications of almost 1,000 immigrant parents and children who were separated at the border.  Continue reading for more about the latest… Read More »

Red check mark for DACA - To show support for the immigration program

Judge Orders Trump Administration to Fully Restore DACA, Accept New Applications

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

In another blow to President Trump’s efforts to end the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a federal judge in Washington D.C. recently ordered the administration to fully restore the immigration program.  Read on to learn about DACA and the recent court opinion, and contact a knowledgeable immigration attorney with any… Read More »

Little boy behind a fence left behind

Trump Administration Creates Task Force to Reopen Naturalization Cases, Find Reasons to Denaturalize

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

With all of the outrage over families being separated at the border and children being warehoused and locked in cages, a recent move by the Trump Administration flew mostly under the radar:  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) formed a task force to seek out and identify individuals who have lied on their… Read More »

hands holding a Asylum sign

Trump Administration to Stop Granting Asylum for Victims of Gang Violence, Domestic Abuse

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

A recent immigration ruling will likely eliminate a large chunk of those eligible to seek asylum within U.S. borders.  Read on to learn about the new directive, and contact a knowledgeable New York immigration lawyer to answer any questions about asylum eligibility. Sessions changes existing policy which allowed those in danger of severe violence… Read More »

a sign that reads immigration law

Justice Department Directive May Lead to Reopening of Thousands of Immigration Cases

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

Continuing its trend of aggressively pursuing immigration cases and limiting any procedures that benefit potential deportees, the U.S. Department of Justice recently issued an order limiting the authority of immigration judges to put matters on hold, which may lead to the reopening of thousands of deportation matters that were effectively closed.  Read about the… Read More »

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