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boarding pass with Travel Ban on it

Supreme Court Rules Full Travel Ban Can Take Effect

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

Since its initial introduction by the Trump administration, the travel and immigration ban largely focused on Muslim countries has faced fierce legal challenges, with the bulk of the rule being found unconstitutional by multiple federal courts. On Monday, December 4, the US Supreme Court ruled that the full travel ban can now enter into… Read More »

Visa cancelled badge

Trump Threatens to End Diversity Visa Program after Attack

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

A recent and tragic act of terrorism has caused President Trump to threaten cancelling the diversity visa lottery. The program has provided a legal means of immigration for thousands of individuals since its creation in 1990. The decades-old program became a hot topic in the news after it was revealed that Sayfullo Saipov had… Read More »

Travel Ban with airplane and passports

Newest Version of Travel Ban Considered Most Restrictive by Experts

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

The Trump administration has recently introduced a revised version of its travel ban. While the latest ban has lifted restrictions on some countries, it has also introduced or intensified restrictions on others. Some experts have suggested that this is the most restrictive iteration of the travel ban, and it is also the first version… Read More »

DACA sign on gavel plate

DACA Ending, What Now?

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

The Trump administration has recently announced that it will be discontinuing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and that the US Congress has six months in which to enact a replacement to the existing system. Read on to learn more about what that means to those who arrived in the US as… Read More »


DACA Program Rescinded by President Trump

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

The Attorney General today announced the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival – DACA – program started by President Obama in 2012.   USCIS will not accept any new DACA applications.   Current DACA holders with work permits that will expire within the next six months can file for renewal. This decision… Read More »

hangcuffs and visa

Massachusetts High Court Rules that State Police Cannot Arrest Someone for Visa Violation

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has recently ruled that state police officers cannot arrest someone who is suspected only of being in the United States illegally. The court ruled that there was no state law permitting Massachusetts officers to hold someone in police custody “solely on the basis of a federal civil immigration… Read More »

Immigrants walking on passport

House Passes “Kate’s Law” and Law Targeting Sanctuary Cities

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

The US House of Representatives recently passed two bills targeting undocumented immigrants. “Kate’s Law” will target undocumented persons who enter the country repeatedly, and the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” will make cities more responsible for enforcing federal immigration laws. Longer prison sentences for repeated illegal entry “Kate’s Law” increases the amount of prison… Read More »

Guatemalan Refugees

DACA Program Continues Under Trump

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

On June 15, 2017 the Department of Homeland Security released a memo that officially removed President Obama’s memo creating the DAPA, Deferred Action for Parents, program.  The DAPA program was stalled in Court since the announcement almost two years ago.  DAPA’s final demise comes as no surprise. The positive to take from yesterday’s DHS… Read More »

group of people and Immigration sign

City Rallies Behind Immigrant Community as Federal Immigration Enforcement Ramps Up

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

While federal agencies have shown little sympathy for the communities of immigrant people so critical to American society, government officials for both the City and State of New York are devising programs aimed at reducing the negative impact of new federal enforcement policies. A proposed program would offer a subsidy for the fees entailed… Read More »

sign that reads no Deportations

How have Deportations Changed since Trump Took Office?

By Gladstein & Messinger, P.C. |

In the months leading up to his election, Donald Trump made immigration reform one of his most discussed policies, even going so far as to promise to deport everyone who was in the country illegally. Currently, the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is conducting raids all over the country, causing fear to… Read More »

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